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  • Inconspicuous book diversion safe. 
  • Large interior compartment. 
  • 8.5" tall, 5" wide, 2" deep. 
  • Looks unassuming and boring when on a shelf. 

Add the exciting life of Renaissance painter Raffaello "Raphael" Sanzio to your bookshelf... and no one will think of looking inside for your stashed valuables!

This incognito Book Diversion Safe will keep your posessions out of sight. This book has the texture of being leather-bound and even has shading to imply paper in the front.

Open the front to reveal a deep interior compartment, about 8.5" tall, 5" wide, and 2" deep. That's a lot of space!

When on a shelf, no one would know this book has a hidden compartment for your valuables. If you have a bookshelf to hide it in and you need a space to hide the things important to you, grab one of these spacious Book Diversion Safes today.