CCELL .5ml Ceramic Concentrate Cartridge 5 Pack

By: Hamilton Devices

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5 Ceramic Concentrate Cartridges

Increase the efficiency of your favorite vape battery with the hot new CCELL Cartridge! Developed with a pure-vaporization ceramic core, these cartridges can be used and reused without worrying about crossing flavors between sessions. This box of 5 cartridges comes in a magnetically-sealed box to display, gift, or share.

High-Efficiency Ceramic Core

At the heart of these cartridges is a ceramic core, able to efficiently and effectively vaporize any e-juice or concentrate you fill the cartridge with. After being wicked inside of the central chamber, the ceramic core will instantly vaporize your liquids for pure, strong taste and big clouds from such a small cartridge.

The glass walls of the cartridge's chamber are sturdy and leakproof, ensuring that everything important is kept inside. The ceramic mouthpiece, which screws on and seals the central chamber, stays cool even through big hits.

510 Thread

Conforming with the rest of the vape industry, these cartridges feature 510 threading for universal application. Use your favorite batteries or mods with them, but there are a selection of batteries specifically designed to maximize the potential of a CCELL Cartridge.

Authentic CCELL

Don't fall for imitations. CCELL is the latest and greatest innovation in the realm of vaping, and everyone wants a hand in it; but there is only one true CCELL and it is right here. Developed by Hamilton Devices, it may have imitators but there is only one original.

Single Cartridge Available

Are you just stumbling onto CCELL cartridges and want to give it a try before getting a box of five? Don't worry, you can get a single CCELL Cartridge right here on our site! Test it out, experience the difference for yourself!