Chameleon Glass Dancer Series Flamethrower Sherlock Pipe

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  • 4" Long
  • Vibrant Flame Design
  • Made in America

Named for the way flames dance around the colors of the pipe, the Chameleon Glass Flamethrower Sherlock Pipe has thick colored glass layers of red, orange, and yellow giving it the impression of a large burning flame.

These sherlocks are 4" long with a tall, long neck for relaxed smoking, and can stay upright when set down thanks to little feet at its base.

Chameleon Glass means high quality, American-made glass works of art. Each piece is made by hand, which means the exact details and construction will vary slightly.

The Dancer Series Sherlock Glass Pipe is a selection of pipes made with three complementary or contrasting colors that speak to a specific theme. They’re called Dancers because of the way the torch flame dances around in the turbulence created by how thick we lay the color wrap on the pipe. A thick wrap makes for a very colorful piece, and a very colorful piece makes you want to do a happy dance(er).

Hand Made in the USA.