Chameleon Glass Dancer Series Moon Dancer Hand Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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  • 4" long glass hand pipe. 
  • "Moon Dancer" coloring with Blue, Lavender, and White colors. 
  • Spoon shaped hand pipe for easy use. 
  • Made in America. 

The Chameleon Glass Moon Dancer Hand Pipe is a stylish, colorful hand pipe for everyday use.

This Dancer Series hand pipe has thick, vibrant colors raked along its body in the theme of a moonlit night. The colors go from a dark blue, to a light purple, and finally to white at the mouthpiece.

The Dancer Series Glass Pipe is a selection of pipes made with three complementary or contrasting colors that speak to a specific theme. We named them Dancers because of the way the torch flame dances around in the turbulence created by how thick we lay the color wrap on the pipe. We also add a small amount of silver fume under the colors. When the model is raked up and down with clear to create the pattern in the colors, windows open between the colors. The fume in these windows will change blue and green colors with use. The Dancer Series Glass Pipe features an extremely thick wrap of color, which makes for a very colorful piece. A very colorful piece makes you want to do the happy dance (er).

Chameleon Glass

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