Chameleon Glass Firefly Glow Vortex Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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Super Bright Glowing Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass fans will know of their Firefly Glow Pipe, one of Chameleon's most attractive glowing hand pipes with specks of color swirled in which looked like a field of fireflies in the late summer day. Well, the sculptors at Chameleon Glass took that traditional favorite and put a new twist on it! Introducing the Firefly Glow Vortex Pipe!

This heavy glass spoon pipe is just like the regular Firefly Glow Pipe, except it features a unique spiral of UV glass climbing the length of the pipe. This cool 3D effect really makes this pipe stand out compared to others in your collection!

Even better, this glow-in-the-dark pipe is guaranteed to shine SUPER bright thanks to Chameleon Glass's proprietary glow glass blend. Unlike other companies and their glow works, Chameleon not only has their own glow blend for spectacular results but spends additional time making their glass at lower temperatures to ensure none of the glow is lost during their pipe production.

This awesome pipe can be charged by the sun, black light or any Light Bulb, or even a lighter! Whether you're away from people camping or with people partying, you'll be in the spotlight with this Firefly Glow Vortex Pipe!

Hand Made in America

All of Chameleon Glass's pipes are crafted in California, USA, by a team of skill artisans. As such, each pipe may vary in size and design compared to what is pictured above. But that's okay: it just means you're getting a one-of-a-kind piece! Although each pipe will vary slightly, every piece that leaves Chameleon is closely inspected before it leaves their workshop to us, and we pass that quality on to you.