Chameleon Glass Fumed Bonehead Hand Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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  • 4.5" long glass hand pipe. 
  • Sculpted skull on the front, with a carb for a nose. 
  • Fumed glass changes from yellow to blue with use. 
  • Made in America! 

Come face-to-face with your mortality in this expertly sculpted Bone Head Skull Hand Pipe by Chameleon Glass, made with silver-fumed glass.

The Bone Head pipe is 4.5" long and is capable of resting upright thanks to its skull design's flat jaw. Its bowl is deep and tilted to keep all of your material loaded and ready to use even when left for a while. On its front is a fully sculpted skull with two inset eye cavities, a protruding tooth-filled mouth, and the triangle of a nose is open to be used as a carb to regulate airflow.

This is a very artistic piece that any hand pipe user would be proud to show off. Its professional design coupled with fumed glass make it a piece to be proud of.

Color Changing Fumed Glass

Fuming is a process where fine metals, such as 24 karat gold or .999 pure silver, are heated to vaporization and then a glass piece is introduced to the vapor stream and becomes covered in a thin layer of vaporized metal, and then covered with more glass. The magic of color changing pipes happen when resin builds up and interacts with the ions from the fumed metal, causing the glass to change colors.

The Bone Head Hand Pipe is fumed with silver, so over time it will change its hue from the yellowish color it begins with to a more light, clear blue color.

The more you use the pipe, the more it will change! Simply clean the pipe and it will revert to its original yellow color, ready to start the process again.

Made in the USA by Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass has been making exquisite glass smoking pipes and accessories for more than 20 years, and it shows in every piece they make. Coming out of California, every glass piece is rigorously inspected before being sent out, and we handle every piece with care to pass on to you, so you can be confident you are getting the best.

Chameleon Glass is full of talented artists, and their work shines through on a piece like this Bone Head pipe, sculpted by hand for the best experience.

Pipe Shape:
Fumed Glass