Chameleon Glass Pikachu Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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  • 4" Long
  • Hand-sculpted face on the front
  • Made in America

Is it a chinchilla? Is it a mouse? No, it's Pikachu! Grab the Chameleon Glass Pikachu Glass Pipe for your collection today, but be quick: there aren't many like it in this world!

Chameleon Glass's Chinchilla Glass Pipe has been given a facelift and redesigned to better capture the familiar face from the cartoons and video games. Pikachu's face has been hand sculpted by Chameleon Glass's artisans. You'll get a shock at how nice this pipe looks in your hands!

The Pikachu Glass Pipe is an all time favorite and best friend that will always be there in every battle. You might be able to catch this one and if your name is Ash, just maybe all of them!

This glass pipe is made in America, as is every piece that comes from Chameleon Glass. Based in California, USA, Chameleon Glass creates some truly unique pieces of functionable art, and the Pikachu Glass Pipe is no exception. Every piece is closely inspected for any imperfections before it leaves their workshop, and it's that high level of quality that we then pass on to you.