Chameleon Glass Porky Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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Precious Pig Pipe

  • 4" Long
  • Fumed Glass Body
  • Hand Made in USA

A demonstration of their sculpting skills, Chameleon Glass brings you the Porky Pipe, a glass spoon pipe adorned with the sculpted face of a pig! From a large, pink snout; to round eyes; and even pointed ears, this piece is almost a work of art! The pig is placed on a fumed glass spoon pipe which will change colors with use. Pigs love to get dirty- get this pipe dirty and watch as its body changes from a golden yellow to a cool blue hue!

Hand Made in America

True artistry shines through when pieces are made one-by-one with love, and that's something Chameleon Glass will always do. Each of their pieces, including this Porky Pipe, are made by hand so each one may look slightly different in their final design. Every Chameleon Glass piece is inspected for imperfections before it leaves their workshop, and we pass that care and craftsmanship on to you, to enjoy without worry!