Chameleon Glass Sugar Skull Label Glass Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos in style with this colorful white spoon pipe by Chameleon Glass. Made from prime materials, each pipe is hand-crafted and may vary from one to another. It has a flat bottom below its bowl to keep it upright and steady, and a carb on the left side for easy use.

The festive face is full of life and color, utilizing teal, purple, red, and orange to make a fun and bright skull.

The Day of the Dead is a day to honor those family members who have passed on, but not a day for sorrow; it is a celebration of life! Celebrate with this awesome graphic pipe.

Chameleon Glass hand crafts all of their pipes in California, USA. Because each pipe is made by hand, they will differ in design and length and may differ slightly from what is pictured above.

These Sugar Skull Graphic Pipes are available in assorted colors including Green, Black, Pink, and White. You can specify your preferred color at checkout using Order Notes. However, we receive these pipes in a random assortment and we cannot guarantee that any one color will be in stock. If you request a color we do not have we will contact you with our available options before filling your order.