Citrine Orgone Crystal Necklace

By: Soul Sticks

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Attract wealth and prosperity with this Citrine Orgone Crystal Necklace.

Citrine is a yellow quartz which looks the color of sunlight. Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and happiness. It can make us feel confident, reduce fear and eliminate guilt. Therefore, it has a good calming and stabilizing effect on people with stronger nervousness.

Citrine stimulates the chakras like the sunlight of spring, clearing the mind and moving the soul to action. Called "the merchant's stone" for its properties known to attract money, Citrine assists in the acquisition of wealth. It is a stone of abundance and menifestation, attracting prosperity and success.

The pendant on this necklace combines Citrine stones with metal and resin to create an Orgonite Energy Device. Orgone energy devices protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) created by electronics, radio waves, and Wifi. They absorb and transmute negative energy in the environment and from your aura. They provide energy shifts and powerful transmutation to any location.

The orgone energy produced by the crystals is what the ancients called Prana, Chi, or Universal Energy.

4 mm