Cyclones XtraSlo Sugar Cane Flavored Cones

By: Cyclones

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  • 1 pre-rolled cone + tip per pack. 
  • Includes a reusable Dank 7 tip, soaked for 7 days for ultimate flavor. 
  • Extra slow burning, double-wrapped cone. 
  • 24-piece display available. 

Why some from ordinary paper when you could have it packed with flavor? Cyclones XtraSlo Sugar Cane Flavored Cones are perfect for any flavor-seeking roller.

Cyclones are some of the world's first pre-rolled, flavored tobacco wraps. The cones are double wrapped with pressed tobacco leaves for an extra slow burning experience.

The wooden tip included with every Cyclone XtraSlo cone is where the magic is: this reusable tip is soaked in flavor for 7 days so every puff is as sweet as the first.

The next time you're looking for the most flavorful cone for your smoking session, skip the unflavored ones and grab a Cyclone!

24-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers: receive a free display box when you order 24 of these cones. Each display box is sealed with the 24 cones contained within, ready to be opened on your store shelf.

Cones per Pack:
Sugar Cane