Diamond Glass 15" Matrix "Warp" Beaker Ice Bong, Assorted Colors

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Double-Perc Beaker Tube

  • 15" Tall
  • 5mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Domed Matrix Perc
  • Ice Pinch
  • Includes 5" Downstem and 14mm Dry Herb Bowl
  • Available in Assorted Colors
  • Straight Tube Version Available

Relax in style with this elegant Warp Ice Bong, a 15" tall pipe featuring a combined Dome and Matrix Perc, an ice pinch, and everything necessary for operation right out of the box.

California-based Diamond Glass has crafted this thick-walled beaker for maximum enjoyment in a minimal space. The large bottom beaker chamber can hold a large amount of water to filter smoke through before it rises to the second chamber, where it's met with a dual perc: the water first rises up through the center of the Dome Perc and forced down its sides for a smooth fountain effect, then it's drawn through the many small, slanted slits of the attached Matrix Percolator, spreading the smoke thin into many tiny bubbles that mix with more water before they pop and release all of their sweet flavor. On top of all of that is an awaiting ice pinch, which can hold about 6" of ice for the ultimate cool hits.

Available in Assorted Colored Accents

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This pipe stands out from the rest with its sharply-colored accents around its mouth, dome perc, and joint. Such colors include, but are not limited to, Smoky Black, Teal, Blue, Green, and Pink. 

Includes Downstem and Bowl

This pipe has a native 19mm Female Joint attached to its base at 45°, but this piece includes a 5" 19mm-to-14mm diffused downstem, converting its joint into a 14mm Female, arguably the more common joint size for bowls and accessories. And, speaking of accessories, this pipe also includes a 14mm Male Dry Herb Bowl with Grip awaiting your favorite herbs and blends.

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts for this pipe, look no farther, We carry everything you need! This pipe comes with a 5" 19-14 downstem and a 14mm Male Bowl with Grip; follow the links below to browse to their product pages:

Straight Tube Version Available

This Warp bong is really cool, but if you're more into straight-style tube bongs check out the Diamond Glass 15" Matrix "Straight Shot" Ice Bong. It's exactly the same as this one, with a domed matrix perc, ice catch, and colored accents, but it is built with a straight tube body. It's one of our most popular items. Check it out today!

Go to the Diamond Glass 15" Matrix "Straight Shot" Ice Bong Product Page


  • Pipe Height: 15 Inches
  • Body Style: Beaker
  • Joint: 19mm, Female
  • Percolator Style: Dome, Matrix
  • Downstem Style: Removable, Diffusing
  • Colors: Opaque White, Opaque Black, Green, Teal, Smoky Black
  • Colored Accents: Joint, Mouthpiece, Percolator
  • Includes:
    • 5" Diffusing Downstem
    • 14mm Male Bowl