Diamond Glass Mini Recycler

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Mini Recycler with Major Character

  • 6" Tall
  • Vortex Chamber
  • Hanger Hanger Design
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Colored Accents
  • Includes 14mm Dry Herb Bowl

These Mini Recyclers from Diamond Glass are certainly unique pieces! Twisting and turning and with a stout body that only reaches 5.5" tall thanks to the interesting sphere topper that doubles as the mouthpiece for the pipe. Available in three gem-like colors; golden Topaz, deep Violet, and brilliant Jade; these pipes will stand apart from other pieces thanks to their shape. Featuring a a 14mm female joint size, a 14mm male bowl and a tornado perc, this recycler mixes smoke and water effortlessly with every puff to give an enjoyable experience every time.

Available in Pink

While typically available in an assortment of colors, currently this Diamond Glass Mini Recycler is available in Pink, shown on its fixed downstem and around the joint and mouthpiece.