Diamondwood Square Hand Pipe, Large

By: Waraich Hardwood, Inc.

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  • 4.25" long. 
  • Mix of wood and colorful resin. 

If you enjoy smoking from a traditional wooden hand pipe, or know someone else who does and are wondering what to gift them, you'll fall in love with these colorful pipes!

These Large Diamondwood Square Pipes from Waraich Hard Wood are hand carved and created with unique blends of colorful wood so no two look the same. Bring color to your smoking sessions with one of these diamondwood pipes today.

What is Diamondwood?

Diamondwood is a combinatino of nature and man-made materials for a beautiful result. Traditionally, Diamondwood is Birch filled with Resin and then compressed, the resin resulting in a unique and pronounced color.

These Diamondwood hand pipes are available in an assortment of colors from the resin used in this process.