Dichroic Black Glass Octopus Hand Pipe with Marble Accents


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Unique Dichroic Tentacled Pipe

"From the depths of the deep dark sea rises this awesome visage! A black body with tentacles that gleam in the moonlight, and large spheres for suckers lining its arms! Its head rising high, caved in and strong, and eyes on its side its strength is shown!"

You don't need to stare into the abyss to find a pipe as cool as this: we have it right here! This hand pipe has a body of black glass with two long, swirling tentacles reaching out, each of which is topped with a solid line of dichroic paint, kept safe under a surface of clear glass, and lined with marbles. The bowl of this pipe stands up as though it were the head of an octopus figure, yet maintains its connection by continuing the design of the tentacles, the dichroic material and marbles stretching up and into the bowl.

This is the ultimate pipe for those looking to add something unique to their collection, or aficionados of tentacles or dichromatic materials. Be sure to check out the other pipes in this line to find one that suits your tastes (or budget) better. Each pipe, being hand-crafted, is slightly different so size and style may vary.

Available in a range of dichroic colors, from yellow-orange to blue-purple.