Dopezilla 10" Ogre Dab Rig Milky Jade

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Body Shape:
Straight Cylinder
Milky Jade
Joint Size:
Joint Gender:
Perc Style:
Bent Neck

  • 10" Tall
  • Bent Neck Style, Straight Tube Base
  • Inline Drum percolator
  • Colored Accents
  • Includes 14mm Male Banger

If you think all bent neck pieces look the same, the Ogre is here to change your mind! The newest member of Dopezilla's Monster Collection, the 10" Ogre Dab Rig is a straight tube water pipe that's bent at the neck, as though twisted with legendary strength!

Hanging off from the side is a 14mm female joint, which goes into the pipe's body to an awaiting inline drum perc. Simply add some water and slide in the included 14mm male banger, and enjoy some deliciously tasty dabs!

Available with Colored Accents

The Dopezilla Ogre Rig is available in Black or Jade colored accents, reflected in the base, mouthpiece, and monster icon.

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts for this pipe, look no farther, We carry everything you need! This pipe comes with a 14mm male banger; follow the links below to browse to its product page:

A Word from Dopezilla

Dopezilla's line of new monsters is expanded with the new Ogre rig. Check out what Dopezilla has to say about this beast:

The legendary Ogre is here, a clear straight tube dab rig with coloured accents on the mouthpiece, base and monster logo. It features a bent neck to make it more ergonomic to hit, hold and prevent splashback. The drum percolator will make your hit so smooth, you’ll be hungry enough to eat a human.


  • Pipe Height: 10 Inches
  • Body Style: Straight Tube
  • Joint: 14mm, Female
  • Percolator Style: Barrel Perc
  • Downstem Style: Inline
  • Colors: Black, Jade
  • Colored Accents: Base, Mouthpiece, Logo
  • Includes:
    • 14mm Male Banger