Dopezilla 16" Cerberus Bong, Black

By: Dopezilla

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  • 16" Tall
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Three Honeycomb Percs
  • Bullet Hole Ice Catch
  • Includes Colored Dry Herb Bowl
  • Assorted Accent Colors

Just like the legendary hound from Hell, get three times the power with triple Honeycomb Percolators in the Dopezilla 16" Cerberus Water Pipe! Including a dry herb funnel bowl, this bong will help you get the max out of your herbs and flowers.

Built on a 4.5" wide base for ultimate support, this tall 2" wide bong stands an intimidating 16" tall and will percolate your smoke through three layers of Honeycomb Percs, and that's before it even gets to the ice pinch! the Bullet Hole Ice Catcher works as a splash guard to keep the water contained while smoke rises through, and affords about 6" of space for ice to cool your herb vapor.

Colored Accents

Included Parts

Make it a Rig

Smaller Sizes Available

The Dopezilla 16" Cerberus Bong features three honeycomb percs. If that's too much, or the piece is too large, we carry other, smaller sizes. Going down in size goes down in percs, and also in price! The 12" has 2 honeycomb percs, and the 8" features a single honeycomb perc. Check them out by following these links:

A Word from Dopezilla

The Hound of Hades, Cerberus features thick borosilicate glass, a bullet hole ice catcher, and honeycomb percolator, delivering substantial cooling and diffusion to quell even the fiercest flames from the underworld.

16 in. model - bullet hole ice catcher, triple honeycomb percolators, herb bowl.

Borosilicate Glass
Body Shape:
Straight Cylinder
Perc Style:
Joint Size:
Ice Pinch
Monster Collection

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  • 3
    One item broke but fixable everything else great tho

    Posted by Jason Reed on Jun 11, 2021

    It came with a hole on it I was able to fix the Crack with some epoxy made for glass and non toxic but still more money spent on a item I just did not want to have to send back and wait and have nothing works great smokes good ssmrneith rest of order

  • 5
    It even arrived early !

    Posted by Anonymous on Jun 07, 2021

    Item was slightly smaller than pictured but to my surprised actually helps its usability. Light swings and rips, nothing like it.

  • 5
    16" Cerberus

    Posted by Drew Stanton on May 24, 2021

    Absolutely love this piece, honestly I've been a fan of dopezilla from my first purchase. If you're on the fence about getting this I would suggest going for it, great rips, heavy glass that can handle minor mishaps, and you get a lot of bong for your buck. This was my 3rd purchase from this store and every package has arrived quickly, securely packed with no damage.

  • 5

    Posted by Anonymous on May 24, 2021

    The packaging and glass arrived perfectly. Unfortunately the bowl/slide did not.( pics have been documented) It was cracked and broken up arrival. Many attempts at communicating to Waterbeds and Famous Brandz have so far been unsuccessful. "Jumping through hoops" has begun as I am currently waiting for email responses. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. As far as the bong? LOVE IT!!!

  • 4
    Great bong

    Posted by _n7t1s3_xj13_ on May 16, 2021

    The bong was great and it hits hella smooth. It gets dirty fast so I recommend getting a ash catcher for it. The shipping took a bit longer than they said. The box it came in was well packed and discreet. I give this bong 4 out of 5.

  • 5

    Posted by Anonymous on May 14, 2021

    Great cooling. Low drag, easy to fill, empty, & clean. Love it

  • 5
    see it in action fam

    Posted by morris on Apr 20, 2021

    see it in action fam

  • 5
    see it in action fam

    Posted by leezy kush on Apr 15, 2021

    see it in action fam

  • 5
    Perfect Brand Name

    Posted by Nick F on Apr 14, 2021

    Me being a Godzilla fan and Glass fan I knew I couldn't go wrong with the Piece :P, Nothing but good things to say so far about it and this site. You guy's had my order out and delivered in three days from ordering and that's with free shipping! The piece itself is heady and has a nice weight and thickness to it (5mm). I'm a big fan of the custom packaging and of course the price it just right IMO. Highly recommend although I will mention I spotted maybe one or two micro fractures along the tubing (Nothing like China) but nothing major and I don't see them growing unless it's from my own wrongdoing.