Dopezilla 9" Basilisk Rig

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This product is only available in Black.

  • 9" Tall
  • Upright Rig Design: Vertical Inline Downstem
  • Drum Perc
  • Angled Neck
  • Includes 14mm Banger

Don't worry, this rig won't bite! Another glass water pipe of mythic proportions joins Dopezilla's epic lineup. Similar to the Kraken Rig, this 9" Basilisk is an upright bubbler-style dab rig, with a 14mm joint at the top center of the pipe. The vertical inline downstem falls straight down to the awaiting Drum Perc where it will bubble and mix with the water in the beaker-style body.

Each Basilisk includes a 14mm Male Quartz Banger for use right out of the box.

Here's what the box says:

The Serpent King is Here. The Basilisk is made from thick borosilicate glass and contains a drum percolator. So smooth, this rig will go down in hiss-tory.

Available in Black

The Dopezilla Basilisk for sale has black colored accents around the mouthpiece and base. The rest of the pipe, aside from the logo, is crystal clear.

Replacement Parts

We want to help you get the most from your pipes! If you are looking for some replacement pieces for this Basilisk, whether you own one or want some spare parts for your new piece, don't worry: we have a large selection of comparable parts to replace anything broken or lost. But fortunately the Basilisk only has one replaceable part, the banger! That's easy, check this product out: