10" Thick Glass Donut Base Ice Bong, 40mm Neck

By: Downtown Hookah Connection

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  • 10" Tall
  • 4.5" Diameter Squished Bubble "Donut" Base
  • Ice Pinch
  • 40mm, 1.5" Wide Neck
  • Includes 9mm Glass Slide

For those who always seek out the thickest glass bongs, check out this 10" Thick Glass Donut Base Ice Bong, crafted with glass 2mm thicker than its sister pieces (find links to them below). With its unique, sturdy "squished bubble" donut base and stylish approach to an ice pinch, this glass bong will last for toke after toke. No worrying about your awesome bong tipping over and spilling water everywhere, or worse: breaking! This flattened bong provides a study, spill-proof design to stay upright through uses.

The Donut Chamber acts differently than a bubble. Rather than simply working like a vortex to spin smoke, the water in a donut chamber will spin like a whirlpool, trapping smoke for an extended amount of time before releasing it, cooled and purified. The built-in 4" glass downstem (not a traditional downstem!) reaches deep into the donut chamber to plant smoke in plenty of water for perfect diffusion.

Even better about this bong: it features a stylish ice pinch very low on the neck to allow ultimate cooling, more than 6 inches of ice! For the best chilled smoking experience, look no farther!

Every Donut Base Ice Bong includes a 9mm glass slide bowl for convenient use.

Alternate Neck Sizes Available

This product features a 40mm, or roughly 1.5 inches, wide neck, which comes up into a comfortably rounded mouthpiece. It's very similar to the 38mm version, except this one boasts thick glass, which is why it's in the name! We carry alternate neck sizes for those who like it thinner or wider, either as more comfort or ease of inserting ice. Check them out by following these links:

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