Dragon Cave Blue Backflow Incense Burner


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Blue Dragon's Cave

Any fan of mysticism, swords-and-sandals adventures, or good old mythology will appreciate this wonder of an incense burner. Designed for backflow incense, simply place the lit product at the top of the cavern and watch as the smokey fog spills inside toward the crystal at the bottom. Built into the cavern is a color-changing LED powered by 2 AA batteries which cycles through various colors with a soft fade, giving life to the glittered background. Included with this piece are 6 backflow incense cones, patchouli-scented, to get you started.

This towering burner stands more than 12" tall and is sure to impress. The blue dragon that tops it is buckled down and curious, hiding the incense cone behind it unlike its partner red dragon, which shows it off.

Be sure to check out our ever-growing line of hand-dipped incense made right here in Ohio by Wildberry Incense. Find the best one to suit you and enjoy this large backflow incense burner.

*Batteries not included