Dragon Crystal Geode Backflow Burner

By: Fantasy Gifts

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Twin-Headed Dragon Burner Statue

Add a breath of fantasy to your home with this backflow burner featuring a twin-headed dragon guarding an opened geode. This vertical burner is designed for backflow incense, whose misty fog will fall down over the crystal at its center and around the interior of the geode. With the use of two AA batteries* the crystal will illuminate with a cycle of rainbow colors, illuminating and reflecting around the center of the geode.

Designed for Backflow Incense

Unlike traditional incense burners, a backflow burner like this one is designed to make use of backflow incense's falling fog. Simply insert the brass holder at the top along with a backflow incense cone and watch as the fog falls and adds to the effect the statue has alone.

*Batteries not included