Dual Quartz Coil Wax Atomizer

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Stylish Wax Tank

Flat-mouthed, tall, sleek, and shiny, this metal concentrate atomizer will be a stylish addition to your wax vaping rig. This atomizer features a 510-threading to fit your favorite battery or other attachment.

Simply unscrew the bottom section to reveal the double quartz-coil atomizer awaiting your favorite waxy concentrates. Drop in a small bit and enjoy pure taste!

This cartridge can break down into 3 parts to make all surfaces accessible for cleaning:

  • On the bottom of the atomizer is the dual quartz coil, where each quartz is wrapped in a thin, conductive titanium coil for fast, efficient heating.
  • The center piece contains a splash guard so you get all taste and no back splash.
  • The top is the flat mouthpiece, designed for easy enjoyment.