Dubbler Double Blunt Bubbler

By: MJ Arsenal

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The Dubbler takes the original Martian Blunt Bubbler concept to another galaxy!

Enjoy all of the same benefits of The Martian with double the rip, twice the pull, and a truly out of this world experience. Fits perfectly with most cones and rolled products!

Works perfectly as a Double Blunt Bubbler. One size fits most rolled products.

Enjoy the newly furnished frosted tip connection points for the most secure connection possible!

Compatible Accessories

Keep your Blunt Bubbler looking the best with these accessories, straight from MJ Arsenal:

  • Silicone Bumper 3-Pack (Coming Soon)

8-Piece Retail Display Available

When you purchase 8 of these Dubbler bubblers you will receive them packaged within a 8-piece display box, as pictured above.