15" Ebony Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe

By: Lucienne

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  • 15" Long
  • High Quality Dark Wood & Metal
  • Easy Disassembly for Cleaning
  • Packaged in Silk Storage Box
  • Also Available in Traditional Rosewood

The Churchwarden pipe. With a history dating back more than 200 years, these stoic pipes have been used everywhere from the reading room of one's home to the battlegrounds of Europe. For the true connoisseur of tobacco, a Churchwarden pipe is one of the finest ways to enjoy your herbs.

These pipes are 15 inches long, allowing smoke to be very cool before meeting your lips. The high quality ebony on this pipe is treated to last many long years, and its stem can be easily removed from the bowl for cleaning.

Every Churchwarden includes an accessory kit which provides 3 metal filters for the bowl, some pipe cleaners, and a multitool for packing and poking. The storage box they come in is lined with silk for an easy way to house your new pipe.

If you or someone you know truly loves smoking, a Churchwarden Pipe will be the perfect gift for any occasion!

Included Accessories

  • Poking tool thumbnail.Poking & Packing Tool

  • 3 metal filters.3 Metal Filters

  • 3 pipe cleaners.3 Pipe Cleaners

Alternate Finishes Available