Ego Luxury Kit with Two 1100 mAh Batteries and CE6 Clearomizers

By: Ego
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1100 mAh

Vape with style and peace of mind with the eGo-U Luxury Kit. This kit comes with twice the battery power and capacity of the Economy Kit- divided between two devices. This kit comes with 2 eGo-U vaporizers, either to share or to have one charging while you keep one handy to enjoy for up to 1000 draws, thanks to the large 1100 mAh battery.

eGo's Clearomizer technology utilizes not only a clear casing to have a clear view of your e-liquid of choice, but also uses Silica Wicks that soak up the e-juice into the atomizer which vaporizes the e-juice, giving a very flavorful, wonderful, strong hit.

The eGo-U Luxury Kit comes complete with:

  • 2x CE6 Clearomizer Tanks with 2.4 ml capacity
  • 2x 1100 mAh units
  • 1x USB charger
  • 2x filler bottle
  • 1x case.

Available in assorted colors.