Eyce 10mm Titanium Carb Cap with Wand

By: Eyce Molds

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Dab & Cap, All in One

Have you ever struggled with carbing your 10mm bangers? Well, struggle no more! Eyce developed this 10mm Carb Cap especially with you in mind! This multi-function tool can be used as both a carb cap and a dabbing tool; and, besides being able to completely remove the dab tool, it can be inserted into the carb cap at either 90 degrees or straight up and down!

Make your experience your own with this Eyce 10mm Carb Cap & Wand!

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Eyce offers a lifetime warranty on their products. To take advantage of this warranty you must register your product on their site within 30 days of purchase. Learn more at eycemolds.com/lifetime-warranty