Eyce Alien Borosilicate Hand Pipe with Silicone Skin, Assorted Colors

By: Eyce Molds

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  • 4.5" long borosilicate glass pipe with a protective silicone skin. 
  • Large, deep bowl. 
  • Includes steel poker stored on the pipe. 
  • Available in assorted, bright colors. 
  • 10-Piece Display Box available. 

The Alien, from the Eyce ProTeck Glass Series, is a borosilicate glass spoon pipe that is encased in a platinum-cured silicone exoskeleton offering the durability of cosmic proportions.

Along with an extraterrestrial silhouette, its silicone mold features fine details that provide an ergonomic grip. A poker holder is designed underneath the pipe’s neck for added convenience.

The Alien features Eyce’s unique silicone colorways, so no two designs are alike. The silicone mold is removable for quick and thorough cleaning.

The Eyce Alien is available in assorted familiar Eyce colors:

  • Black
  • Everglade: Teal & Black; 
  • Winter: Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Black; 
  • Bangin': Pink, Purple, and Black; 
  • Smoke: Gray and Black; 
  • Cotton Candy: Neon Green, Pink, and Blue; 
  • Desert: Orange, Yellow, and Blue; 
  • Creature Green: Light Green & Black; 
  • Planet: Dark Green, Blue, and Black; 
  • Whiskey: Brown & Black. 

At this time, each order will receive a random color. To request a color use the order notes at checkout or contact us to get a specific color.

10-Piece Display Box Available

Wholesale customers, order quantities of 10 to receive a sealed box containing one each of the Alien's 10 available colors. Open the box and prop it open into a display for your storefront.

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