Famous Glass Panorama 12" Straight Tube Bong

By: Famous Brandz

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  • 12" Tall
  • Straight Tube Body
  • Eye-Popping Colors & Trippy Dripping Patterns
  • Ice Catcher for chilled hits
  • Includes 4.5" Diffused Downstem & 14mm Herb Bowl

This is the Panorama Bong, a piece for the expressive, artful collector. Covered in a colorful, bubbly design like a Pop Art lava lamp, the Panorama Straight Tube Bong is powered by a simple diffused downstem to percolate your smoke. The piece is tapered, slightly smaller at the top, to provide more powerful and robust hits as you draw. An ice catch halfway down the neck allows you to fill the tube with ice cubes for a frosty cold finish!

The Famous Glass Panorama Water Pipe is made from thick, hand-blown borosilicate glass and stands 12 inches tall. Black glass accents on the mouthpiece and thick, wide base give this glass tube even more charisma while keeping your water pipe stable between uses. The downstem is removable to allow for hassle-free cleaning and has a 14mm female joint that holds the included 14mm funnel bowl piece. This thick glass bowl slide is complete with a matching black handle for safely lifting the bowl while clearing the smoke inside your bong and doubles as a handy roll-stop between uses! Each Famous Design Water Pipe is delivered in a matching collectors box that is reusable for safe storage.

Reliable, trendy, and at a fraction of the cost of its competition, the Famous Glass Panorama Straight Tube Bong is a true must-have for anyone seeking their next show-stopping water pipe.

A Word from Famous Brandz

Panorama, featuring bright, eye-popping colors and trippy dripping patterns on the water pipe and a wide base at the bottom of this tapered straight tube. This dazzling piece is definitely a show stopper. Panorama comes equipped with a removable diffused inside-cut [19mm] > [14mm] downstem and ice notches, for optimized filtration and a cool, icy touch.