Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Bong, Red

By: Snoop Dogg POUNDS

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  • 13" Tall
  • Three percs: two Turbine Percs surrounding one Honeycomb Perc. 
  • Wide, Sturdy Base for intense sessions. 
  • Angled mouthpiece for relaxed toking. 
  • Includes:
    • Glass Dome & Nail
    • dab tool
    • 14mm female dry herb bowl
    • 14mm female banger
  • Also Available in Black.

The Battleship from Snoop Dogg's Pounds line is a solid all-in-one glass dab rig and dry herb bong that will blow you away.

The power behind the Battleship is its amazing triple percolation system. It begins and ends with turbine percs, which swirl water into a vortex ensuring longer travel up the pipe for enhanced filtration and offers a hypnotizing whirlpool display. Between both of those is a honeycomb perc, a disc littered with tiny holes to draw up only the best infused and intense water. Every hit pulls water between these discs in sequence before ultimately delivering the best taste from any material straight to you.

This multi-functional bong comes with a reinforced, fixed downstem with a 14mm male joint which draws smoke the entire length of the bong, cooling it before it even touches the water. It comes with every accessory you need to enjoy your favorite material, whether it's dry flower or waxy concentrate. Each Snoop Dogg Battleship comes with a glass Pounds dab tool, a quartz concentrate bucket, a vapor dome with glass concentrate nail and a dry herb bowl. The herb bowl and vapor dome both feature roll stopper style arms for added safety. By simply switching out the bowl you are able to enjoy both waxy concentrates as well as dry herbs, all from this one superb piece.

The flared mouthpiece has been perfectly angled for comfort and ease of use. The circular foot of this percolator bong is extra thick for added stability. Beautiful colored glass accents can be found on the bong's reinforced joint, on the rim of the mouthpiece, on the handles of the vapor dome and herb bowl and even the included dab tool has a black handle to match. A matching decal can be found on the Battleships body, on the herb bowl and on the quartz banger. This awesome bong comes delivered in a beautiful themed box for easy storage.

Explode into warp speed in The Battleship!

This ultra premium 12.6" piece is hand-blown, and made with the highest quality borosilicate glass. With triple-stacked honeycomb and turbine percolators, it’s guaranteed to give you the most intergalactic smoking experience on the planet.

The Battleship comes stacked with accessories, including a quartz bucket, dome and nail, glass POUNDS tool, and a herb bowl for dual dry herb and extract use.

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