Stoner Girl Ashtray & Stash Jar Set

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Cute "Stoner Girl" Decal Glass Set

  • Includes both a Stash Jar and Ashtray
  • Thick Glass
  • Airtight Stash Jar
  • Alternate Styles Available

Sometimes it's easy to appreciate having a complete collection. If you've seen or own the Stoner Girl Pipe Mug, complete the look with this Stoner Girl Ashtray & Stash Jar Set! Designed to be together, this pair of items sport the same graphic as the mug: white script that reads "Stoner Girl" on a pretty pink background. The graphics on these pieces are directly printed onto the glass, so it's not some flimsy sticker that will come off with time!

The ashtray is 3.5" in diameter, perfect for any table size. The stash jar, meanwhile, is 4" tall with the lid, which sports an air-tight seal to keep its contents fresh.

Available in Alternate Styles

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