Flying Pig 12" Beaker Ice Bong, Green

By: Flying Pig Glass

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  • 12" tall. 
  • Extra large beaker base. 
  • Ice pinch for chilled hits. 
  • Green accent color around mouth and on included bowl. 
  • Includes black 4.5" downstem and dry herb bowl.

With a huge beaker base and a long neck with an ice pinch between the two, this 12" Beaker Ice Bong can deliver flavorful, chilled hits from your favorite herbs!

With no additional percolation aside from the diffusing downstem, this bong delivers big flavor with minimal percolation. The ice pinch at the bottom of the neck allows for up to 6 inches of chilling ice to cool every hit, and the mouthpiece is 1.5" wide to easily accommodate any shape of ice cube.

Each 12" Beaker Ice Bong includes a 4.5" downstem and 14mm dry herb bowl.