Flying Pig Glass 10" Wig Wag Bong

By: Flying Pig Glass

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  • 10" tall glass wig wag bong. 
  • Decorative Wig Wag emblem on fixed stem. 
  • Matrix perc for quick percolation. 
  • Available in cool Red and Aqua colors with Smoke colored base. 
  • Includes 14mm bowl. 

Wig wag glass is always in style, and you can add a wig wag bong to you collection today with these new 10" Wig Wag Bongs from Flying Pig Glass.

These stout bongs stand 10" tall and have a wide barrel body, and its matrix percolator quickly purifies and cleanses smoke and vapor for delicious hits.

At the front of these pieces is a colorful wig wag decoration on its fixed stem, acting as a small bubble chamber to spin and cool smoke or act as a drip catch for un-vaporized dabs.

Famous Pig Glass Wig Wag Bongs feature colored accents on their mouthpiece, wig wag emblem, and include a matching bowl.

Body Shape:
Straight Cylinder
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