Frosty the Snowman Pipe

By: Blowfish Glassworks

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  • 5" long sculpted glass hand pipe. 
  • Glass Frosty the Snowman pipe. 
  • Heavy glass hand pipe expertly sculpted.
  • Made in America. 

Relive your childhood and the 1969 animated classic with this Frosty the Snowman Pipe!

Modeled after Frosty from the 1969 holiday movie, this glass Frosty hand pipe has been expertly sculpted by American craftsmen at Blowfish Glass. It has a classic spoon hand pipe shape with the face of Frosty the Snowman complete with his signature black hat. "Where is his corn cob pipe?" I hear you ask. Well my friend, he IS the pipe! The neck of this Frosty hand pipe is large and wide, giving smoke more area to chill before you enjoy it.

These snowman hand pipes are each hand-blown and are each slightly different. These pipes have been designed to balance well when set down so they are easy to enjoy.