Flat Mouth Fumed Glass Cigarette Holder, Small


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3" Gold-Tipped Taster

Enjoy your smokes with a touch of elegance with this Flat Mouth Fumed Glass Cigarette Holder! These 3" glass cigarettes are made with silver fuming in the body, giving them a warm yellow glow that changes to blue with use, and a gold metal tip. Just below the tip is a small funnel to help give you the perfect draw every time.

The opening at the front is perfect for holding your favorite smoke, whether it's a pre-rolled or one you rolled on your own! Keep your lips off of your roll and don't risk getting burned!

These cigarette holders can easily double as a taster. Just gather your herb or flower of choice, and press this glass taster down into it. Pack it good and tight and there you have it, your new favorite glass taster!

Also available in a 3.5" version.