Ganesha Backflow Burner


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Ganesha, God of New Beginnings, Success, and Wisdom

Create a sanctuary of your space with this three-tiered waterfall incense burner featuring the Hindu god Ganesha flanked by lilies and topped with a lotus. Simply place your favorite backflow incense cone at the top and watch as the fog rolls down either side of the figure and into the tray at the bottom. This burner is 5.25" tall, 5" deep, and 4.5" wide.

3 Tiers

Watch and relax as fog spills from the lotus on top down into the lilies on either side of Ganesha, and finally down to the awaiting bowl at the bottom. Backflow incense uses a special oil blend to create its effect, so be sure to protect your furniture when using a backflow burner. Although the oil is meant to collect at the bottom, it's easily blown away and can land on unprotected surfaces.

Copper Coloring

This piece is covered with a soft coat of copper to give it a nice sheen although it were a statue.

Includes 3 Cones

To get you started, this burner includes 3 patchouli-flavored backflow incense cones. When you're ready for more, we carry the best backflow incense cones from Wild Berry Incense!

Find your Favorite Scent With Us

We carry a wide range of flavors from Wild Berry Incense, Ohio craftsmen and women who hand-dip their incense and have been doing so for more than 45 years. All of their incense is high-quality and perfectly fragrant. Shop our selection of backflow incense today to complete this and other backflow incense burners you have!