Glass House 14mm Male Reclaimer Kit, 45 Degree

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Silicone Stash Jar

Reclaim and Store All in One


  • Open-Bottomed Glass Reclaimer
  • 14mm Joints
  • Male Joint Out, Female Joint In
  • 45° or 90° Connection Joints Available
  • Includes 2 Silicone container jars, which fit the bottom of the Reclaimer

When you vaporize concentrates you don't always get it all; don't let the leftovers go to waste! Capture them and put them back to use! Glass House has developed this Reclaimer Kit with a great solution in mind: simply fit a silicone container underneath the reclaimer, so after your session you can simply remove it, cap it, and be ready for next time!

Includes 2 Special-Fit Silicone Containers

Instead of the traditional glass vial most reclaimers use to catch your unused concentrates, this Reclaimer Kit from Glass House includes 2 silicone containers designed to fit on the bottom of the open vial. With a little contorting and twisting, simply insert an open container at the bottom of the open reclaimer to catch loose nectar. Each order comes with 2 randomly colored silicone containers.

45 Degree Connection

This product offers a 45 degree connection joint, perfect for most waterpipes. If you need a 90 degree joint, we carry that too! Browse over to our Reclaimer Kit, 90 Degree product to get the part of your dreams to make reclaiming a snap!