Glass House 45-Degree Barrel Perc Ash Catcher, 14mm Male

By: Hillside Glass

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Filter harmful impurities from your smoke with a premium Glass House 45-Degree Barrel Perc Ash Catcher.

With a barrel perc inside, these ash catchers work as a first line of defense to purify your smoke.

A 45-degree ash catcher is the perfect accessory for most bongs: not only will this fit into your favorite bong or rig and give you extra clearance, but it will let you set your favorite bowl or banger upright! No more awkwardly angling your bowl at 45 degrees: with an ash catcher inbetween, it will change your bong's connection to be 90 degrees and upright.

Their 14mm male joint will connect with most common bongs on the market, and they have a 14mm female input joint for your favorite accessory.

Give yourself the gift of purified smoking. Get a Glass House Ash Catcher today.

The Glass House Ash Catcher attaches to your glass water pipe to keep resin and ash from ending up in your bong water. It traps the ash and other byproducts of burning flower. With these byproducts trapped, it won't make it into the bong water and into your lungs. Essentially it acts as an extra filter to provide you with a cleaner and smoother bong rip!

Glass House

Product Type:
Ash Catcher
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Joint Gender:
Joint Angle:
45 Degrees
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