GRAV 12mm Taster with Silicone Skin, Assorted Colors


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What's better than a GRAV Taster? A GRAV Taster you can throw across the room without breaking!

The silicone skin on these new 12mm GRAV Tasters is as bouncy and shock-absorbent as any rubber. The pinched mouthpiece acts as an ash catcher, and the cap at the end of the taster keeps your bud in place, making the new assembly truly pocketable and portable.

The entire silicone skin comes off for easy cleaning, and you can just peel back the end cap during use.

Make it Your Own

The real highlight of this product is the shock-absorbent silicone skin surrounding this taster, allowing it to be dropped without fear of breaking. The glass on the inside, however, is a simple 12mm GRAV taster with an etched GRAV logo. Fortunately, we carry other 12mm GRAV Tasters which have cool decals and colors and can be interchanged with the one included in this taster!

If you want to make your new taster more special than the rest, consider grabbing a 12mm Graphic Taster to exchange with the one included! You can find them on our site by following this link:

Available in Assorted Colors

These clear glass tasters, etched with the GRAV logo, are surrounded by a removable silicone skin which comes in a variety of colors. Such available colors include Black, Purple, Blue, and Teal.

Use the "Preferred Color" option above to specify a color preference, but we cannot guarantee any requested color will be in stock. If you request a color that we don't have at the moment, we will contact you with our available colors in order to fill your order. If you don't have a preferred color, leave the option as "No Preference" and we will choose one at random for you.

Check out GRAV's Octo-Taster!

If you're looking for a cool glass taster, GRAV offers one very similar to this but instead of a simple pinched neck it uses GRAV's iconic Octo-filter. It's slightly larger than this taster, at 16mm wide, but just as portable and with the same silicone skin that makes it just as protected. Check it out today: