Grav 5" Curved Steamroller

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Ergonomical Curved Chillum

Grav Glass produces some very interesting and unique approaches to common pipes and accessories, and this 5" Rocker Steamroller is no exception to that rule! This steamroller is gently bent, almost looking like a banana, but, despite its awkward appearance, this bend lends itself to the pipe resting comfortably in your hands as you hold it. If you don't want a traditional Steamroller with its straight barrel, relax and revel in this unique-looking piece, a curved steamroller, crafted by Grav and sold here at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff.

Ergonomical Design

Maybe you're used to holding a traditional, straight steamroller and are used to the way you twist your wrist to support it while you smoke out of it. Give this steamroller a try and prepare for it to truly change your life for the better. Its gentle slope rests comfortably in your hand regardless of what angle you want to hold it at, and the clean, uninterrupted barrel of this pipe will have you coming back for more.

Assorted Colors and Opacities

The Grav 5" Rocker Steamroller is available in assorted colors of varying opacities, meaning some are more transparent and glass-like than others. Each order will receive one color chosen at random.