GRAV Aluminum Dugout Smoke System


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Here it is, a dugout that looks as good as it functions.

Crafted from precision-milled aerospace aluminum, this dugout is pocket sized and ultra compact. It has a space-age design, with smooth faces and rounded corners and featuring a polycarbonate window to peer into the storage compartment with a design familiar in other Grav products.

Twisting open the top will spring the included piranha-toothed one-hitter bat within reach, which can be packed in the opposing chamber with flower and herbs. Cleaning the bat is as easy as inserting it into the opening at the bottom of the dugout: at the bottom is a cleaning poker safely tucked in and designed to perfectly clean out any lingering ashes from the bat.

Designed to Go With You

Grav's Aluminum Dugout fits like a glove in your palm, and its sleek profile can be slipped into any pocket. This dugout even comes with a zip-up carrying case, complete with a clip you can attach to a lanyard or keychain to keep it by your side wherever you go.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Grav Aluminum Dugouts are available in an assortment of colors, each having a matching one-hitter inside and with a black travel bag for it to be transported in.

Add a Complementing Grinder

The best way to fill a dugout is with freshly ground material, and Grav has crafted a premium grinder alongside this dugout like they were meant to be together. Add a Grav 2.25" Three-Piece Grinder to fill your dugout with the best filling you can get your hands on!