GRAV Concentrate Taster

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For the Best Portable Dabs

  • 3" Long
  • Portable & Discreet
  • Attached Glass Dish for Concentrates
  • Assorted Colors

For the times you can't take your rig with you, there's the 12mm Grav Concentrate Taster. This compact piece includes a glass arm and attached dish that's perfectly placed to use with your favorite waxes.

Designed at the diameter of a traditional taster, 12mm, these special tasters from Grav are shaped like a microscope: a long tube peering down into a dish. But you don't look through this glass tube! Simply put a dab of your favorite concentrate in the donut-like dish at the bottom and heat it up either with a traditional torch or simply with a hot dabber and smoke it like a traditional taster.

Available in Assorted Colors

This product, like others from Grav, are available in a wide variety of colors including Green, Blue, Amber, and more. Choose your favorite from the "Preferred Color" options* above, or leave it as "No Preference" and we will pick one at random for you.

*We cannot guarantee that your selected color or requested graphic will be in stock. Available colors are subject to change without notice. If you request a color or style we do not have we will contact you with our available colors before completing your order.

Can't find a color you want? Let us know! Send us a message through the Contact Us page about a color you would like to see, and we can try to find it for you or at least be sure to order some next time. We receive these tasters in a variety pack so we may carry less of some colors than others, which means they disappear fast. Our available color options fluctuate regularly as we try to keep a close count on what we have available, but we may miscount sometimes. Ask us if we have a color and we will gladly try and find one for you.