GRAV Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints - 7-Pack


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  • Glass joint system eliminates paper from your smoke sesh
  • Pre-pack all seven cartridges, be ready for anything
  • Optional Filling System (not included) makes these a snap to pack

Are you, like many others, wanting to eliminate paper from your smoking experience?

Whether you don't like the taste of rolling paper, or want to eliminate anything between you and your flower, GRAV has a solution for you!

Introducing the GRAV Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints 7-Pack.

This practical system marries the simplicity of the classic joint to the squeaky clean burn of glass.

This incredible kit includes one glass mouthpiece and 7 glass cartridges. Simply pre-fill the cartridges (the 7-Pack Filling System [sold separately] makes that a breeze) and, when you're ready to smoke, open a cartridge and insert the mouthpiece. It's as simple as that! 

Taste pure cannabis—no paper or glue with questionable ingredients. As you smoke your favorite flower, push the mouthpiece into the cannabis cartridge to ash and keep your herb in lighter reach.

This kit includes

  • One borosilicate glass mouthpiece
  • Seven borosilicate cartridges for cannabis, with stoppers at each end
  • One silicone grommet to connect mouthpiece and cartridge
  • One tube container to hold it all

GRAV Glass Joints are designed to last, but their low price point makes them easy to replace if accidents happen. Fill a single joint for an afternoon hike, or prep all seven for a weekend getaway. With caps on both ends and a dedicated carrying case, these joints are built for travel.

Each glass joint holds about half a gram of flower. Total capacity of all seven joints is approximately 1/8 ounce of flower.

Borosilicate Glass
3.5 g

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