GRAV Hammer Hand Pipe, Assorted Colors

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  • New redesigned shape! 
  • Larger head for better ash catching. 
  • Reshaped bowl to burn every last herb. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 

With a big bowl and a small footprint, the Grav Hammer Hand Pipe is the perfect everyday piece. It's easy to use and satisfying to handle, and details like the inverted ash catcher mouthpiece and the flat base make the Hammer a prime addition to your tool kit.

We’ve dropped the hammer on this fresh redesign, making an old favorite even better.

The new Hammer Hand Pipe has a larger “can” chamber to catch ash and make the piece easier to grip. The bowl’s rounded shape makes it easier for flame to reach the last bits of flower. And the flat base lets the pipe sit flat, with no danger of tipping over when you put it down.

With 9 available colorways, there’s an option for everyone who comes through your doors. When you’re holding a Hammer this pretty, everything looks like a nail.