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You don't have to take sacks to the face! The GRAV Silicone-Capped Glass Crutch is here to enhance your smoking experience.

This borosilicate glass joint holder, or "crutch", keeps some distance between you and the tip of your joint or blunt. No more holding the burning end of a joint - let the Silicone-Capped Glass Crutch do the work for you so you can enjoy every last bit of your roll.

Even better, the silicone cap on these crutches has an ash-catching restriction so every drag is smooth and clean.

The glass and silicone can be easily separated for cleaning.

Pro-Tip: flip the glass joint holder around and use it as a miniature one-hitter.

The GRAV Crutch is a masterpiece of collaboration. You roll a joint or blunt, and we cap it with a conical glass crutch and silicone mouthpiece. The glass is heat resistant, and the silicone has an ash-catching restriction. The two pieces come apart for easy cleaning.


Scarlet Orange
Borosilicate Glass
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