14mm Quartz E-Nail Banger

By: Greenlight Vape

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  • Quartz banger with R-Clip compatability.
  • 14mm male connection joint. 
  • R-Clip joint makes it easy to use 25mm heating coils. 

Love your e-nail but hate trying to keep it attached to a traditional banger? Grab one of these Quartz E-Nail Bangers, featuring R-Clip compatibility!

E-nail coils wrap around your bangers, but something needs to keep them in place. E-nails come with R-Clips, but where are you supposed to clip the R-Clip on a normal banger? This 14mm quartz banger is specifically designed to be compatible with e-nails by having a spot to clip your R-Clip to. Our Mini Digital E-Nail includes one of these bangers, and this banger is perfect for replacing that e-nail set's banger, but is compatible with any 25mm e-nail heating coil.

Stop holding your e-nail coil around your banger just to get the perfect heat. Get one of these Quartz E-Nail Bangers and clip the coil into place!