Hamsa Hand Incense Burner

By: Fantasy Gifts

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Traditional Hamsa Design with Embossed Designs

The Hamsa Hand is a traditional Middle Eastern amulet design meant to bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Although it has many interpretations, this Hamsa is surely meant to bring you peace.

With a small hole near its bottom (or top, depending on which direction you decide to use it) in the iris of the eye, this incense burner and ash catcher can hold most standard stick incense but can also burn cones if those are your incense of choice. The various embossed designs on its surface doesn't stop it from being easily washed off and cleaned.

Be sure to pick up the best incense for your burners from us, getting you everything necessary in a single trip! We carry a wide assortment of brands, scents, and styles and you're sure to find the one most appealing to you. We carry stick incense; cone incense; and even backflow incense, but to make best use of those you would need a special backflow incense burner for the full effect.