Hanging Buddha & Feng Shui Fortune Backflow Incense Burner


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Feng Shui is the art of balance in a home and in life, aligning powers (and colors and furniture, among other things) to bring happiness, health, and, maybe most importantly to some, wealth. The gold coloring and coin symbols surrounding this piece are sure to bring the latter!

This backflow incense burner features a symbol of Laughing Buddha on the front, a lasting symbol of luck, wealth, and prosperiety for a home that houses him. Keeping this piece in your home is sure to keep you happy and healthy for a good while! Just be sure to rub his tummy from time to time.

As incense falls through this piece it spills out over Buddha's tummy and down a spigot at his feet, dissipating in the air as it falls. The hanger is more than 9" tall, so the fog has at least 3" of space to fall before it collects at the pan in the bottom of the stand.