Hanging Dragon & Yin Yang Backflow Incense Burner


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Yin & Yang Dragons on One Burner

Good and Evil. Dark and Light. Masculine and Feminine. There are two sides to every coin, and there are certainly two sides to this burner. On the front there is an embossed figure of two dragons, each having their own distinct feel and texture. When a cone of backflow incense is placed in, the fog spills through to the front and right down the divide in the center. The two sides may be separate, but they always come together as one. On the back of this piece there is a true and simple Yin Yang symbol, the Chinese symbol for masculine and feminine sides, denoting a balance necessary for the world to strive.

This burner comes with 3 cones to initially enjoy it with. And, though it comes with no EVA pad like some other incense burner models, the base of the piece should be enough to catch any residual oils that fall into it. The stand is more than 9" tall so once the incense smoke gets flowing it has plenty of room to fall and fade away giving an unparalleled exhibition.

Let your world flourish too! Find your favorite backflow incense cone from our growing selection and enjoy this piece in peace.