Hillside Glass 10" Glow Graphic Beaker Bong, Assorted Graphics

By: Hillside Glass

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  • 10" tall beaker bong. 
  • Assorted ancient graphics, including wailing souls, all in glow in the dark paint!
  • Ice pinch for chilled hits. 
  • Includes 4" downstem and 14mm bowl. 

If you want a cool glow in the dark bong for your collection, you definitely want one of these awesome 10" Glow Graphic Beaker Bongs!

These beaker bongs have a large, sturdy beaker base to stay strong during your sessions. The bong is 10" tall and has a wide 2" mouthpiece for big rips and to allow you to drop ice down to the awaiting ice pinch to chill your tokes.

But it's the outside of these bongs that is the coolest: we carry 3 styles of these beaker bongs with different graphics featuring hieroglyphics, Mayan symbols, and wailing souls; but on each one the graphics are brought to life with glow in the dark paint, ready to glow bright after a little bit of time in the sun or when under a black light!

Check out the styles:

We carry these bongs in a random assortment, so the pictures above don't reflect what's currently available. Each order will receive a random graphic style unless you specify one at the Order Notes during checkout.

Hover over this image to see the Glow in the Dark paint at work:

Hoverable image changing from normal graphics under light to glowing graphics in the dark.

Body Shape:
Glow in the Dark
Joint Size:
14mm (with Downstem)
Joint Gender:
Downstem Length:
Ice Pinch