60mm 2-Part Aluminum Grinder, Assorted Colors

By: Holy Smoking Co.

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  • 60mm aluminum weed grinder. 
  • Magnetic connection for friction-free grinding. 
  • Precision-milled aluminum with sharp teeth. 
  • Grind herbs to your personal preference. 
  • Available in Black or Silver. 

Sometimes the only thing you need is a large surface to grind your herbs. No storage, no kief screen, nothing more than sharp teeth and an effortless grinding experience.

This 60mm Aluminum Grinder from Holy Smoking Co. offers just that: a large, friction-free grinding surface which lets you grind your herbs down to any consistency you want!

CNC milling leaves sharp teeth carved straight into the aluminum, meaning no bending or breaking and, with proper care, this grinder can last a lifetime for grinding through session after session.

If you want a large grinder with nothing stopping you from grinding to any consistency, this large 60mm aluminum grinder is the one for you.

Available in Black or Silver. Each order will receive a random color. To request a color, use the Order Notes at checkout.

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